COunT: "Creative Opportunities in Tourism"

Budget: 655.732,85€

is a project developed by the Municipality of Veles and the Development Agency of Florina for the promotion of employment opportunities in the arts and crafts sector of Tourism.

It is a project that capitalizes the natural and cultural heritage of the two cities and aims to utilize the untapped potential and strengthen employment in the sectors of arts and tourism

COunT project follows a coherent structure and consists of 5 Working Packages(WP).

The strong interaction between partners and stakeholders is ensured by the joint development of events and training workshops.



Municipality of Veles

The Lead beneficiary is the Municipality of Veles which is located in the Vardar statistical Region in North Macedonia. Veles is the second-largest city in the CBA located in the central part of N. Macedonia on the riverbanks of Vardar/Axios.


The Development Agency of Florina was established in 1955 and has as its objective the inclusive development bringing together all stakeholders in the city of Florina.


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April 29, 2024

Το τρέιλερ του έργου Το βίντεο του έργου στα ελληνικά Το βίντεο του έργου με αγγλικούς υπότιτλους Το βίντεο του έργου με υπότιτλους στην επίσημη γλώσσα της Βόρειας Μακεδονίας

Get to Know COunT Project with the Promotional video_el

April 29, 2024

Get to Know COunT Project with the Promotional video_trailer

April 29, 2024