Project Activities

COunT project follows a coherent structure and consists of 5 Working Packages(WP).

The WPs are developed according to:

  1. Equal and rational division of tasks among partners
  2. The principles of joint success through joint development, implementation, staffing and financing
  3. Efficient cooperation through appropriate and realistic budget breakdown and analogical contribution of deliverables at all levels of the project.
  4. Results-oriented planning and implementation of activities towards a sustainable future.

The strong interaction between partners and stakeholders is ensured by the joint development of events and training workshops.

The two partners contribute as follows:For WP2 PB2 will develop a Project Communication Strategy and Plan including the project’s visual identity (logo, slogan, templates, etc.),a trilingual website for the project. Both partners will develop printed and videos for the promotion of the project in English and their respective language and LB will contribute to the development of a website from PB2.

LB will organize an opening event while PB2 will organize a press conference and a closing event for the project.

WP3 concerns the Analysis of Potential and Development of Tourism Resources. LB will be responsible for the redevelopment of the Vardar/Axios Riverbank in Veles (D 3.1.1) and the installation of kiosks that will host for specific timeframes arts and crafts entrepreneurs to support them in their first period of operation before being handed over to new entrepreneurs to be supported (D 3.1.2). The kiosks will host for a year 7 new businesses that will be chosen with a Call (WP4). After a year the kiosks will be available for other new start-ups. PB2 will develop a study for the Value Chain Analysis for the Arts & Crafts sector and its potential for sustainable tourism development in the CBA (D 3.2.1). Moreover, PB2 will develop a Resource Center for arts and crafts entrepreneurs in Florina (D 3.2.2).